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Monday, July 1st, 2019 1:28 PM

Can only connect one computer at a time (ethernet) to BGW210-700 modem

I have two PC's that I use as a host and client but can only get one to connect to the internet at a time. OS seems irrelevant as I used Ubuntu and Windows 10 on the second computer and it didn't work.

Also please note: I can have many wireless connections connected and they all work, it isn't a problem with the Ethernet port since I switched ports around. I have seen some posts that say that this is an ISP problem and is a simple fix.

Please ask needed questions, thanks!

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4 years ago

A bit either computer is able to access the Internet if it's the only one connected?


When both are connected, what does an ipconfig command show for the Ethernet connection on each computer?


Have you done a Factory Reset on the BGW (hold red reset button on the back of the BGW down for 10 seconds)?

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