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Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 11:19 PM


Can I open/foward the same ports to more than one device?

I have both an Xbox 360 console and a Windows 10 laptop with the Xbox app that I would like to open/forward ports to so they can connect perfectly online (open/unrestricted NAT). They are both connected to the Arris BGW210-700 modem.


The Xbox 360 and the Xbox app on the laptop require some of the same ports (ex. TCP/UDP 3074 and 88). The ports are currently forwarded to the Xbox 360, but when I try to forward the same two ports to my laptop, I get this error message: "Pinhole Conflict Detected 88 - 88 ". It seems I can only forward a port number to only one device at a time. I cannot forward the same ports to multiple devices.


Is there anyway to get around this? I remember back in the day, AT&T installed one of those 2Wire modems for us which had a UPnP setting where we didn't have to manually open any ports. I simply just connected my Xbox 360 and gaming laptop to the modem and it connected online just fine with no NAT issues with no adjustment to the modem's settings. What happened to the UPnP setting? Why did they make it so inconvenient now?

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5 years ago

No, you can't forward one port number to multiple computers.  When you forward a port it directs all traffic to that port to one specific IP address.


UPNP was a big security risk at one point and I'm sure AT&T didn't need those headaches.  It's not as big of an attack vector as it once was but neither is Port 25 and yet AT&T still blocks that port.

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2 years ago

It ain't happening. Your only option is to buy a 2nd router that has uPnP and connect it after your ATT router via Ethernet... Then Disable DNS/DHCP/NAT and everything inside the ATT Router (to basically use it as a modem only) and then have the 2nd Router do all of the DNS, DHCP (assigning local IP addresses), and NAT (port forwarding).

The reason you can't do it without uPnP is because Xbox One consoles only allow you to pick an alternate port for 3074... If they also allowed alternate ports for 88, 80, 4500, 3544, 500, and 53 then it would be possible to manually forward those alternate ports as well - but they don't, so uPnP is required.

So once your 2nd router is up and running and doing all of the actual routing... you would port forward port 3074 to one Xbox One.... and then on the 2nd Xbox you'd go to advanced network settings and choose an alternate port for 3074 on that Xbox and also port forward that port two 2nd Xbox. uPnP will cover the rest.

Obviously AT&T isn't going to tell you that you'll have to buy a new router that has uPnP (because they decided you're too dumb to handle uPnP so they've not even given you the option of using it). But you definitely will...

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2 years ago

What you say is "mostly true."  But the post is 4 years old.  UPnP still is designed to allow unauthenticated changes to your port forwarding.

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