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AT&T related help: BGW320 FAQ

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 7:58 PM


BGW320 capabilites

Our client has ATT service and was equipped with a BGW320 Gateway. I am looking for information about wireless range, capacity (number of concurrent users)

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9 months ago

Hey @peternintzel, let's get you more details about the great BGW-320 gateway. 

The BGW320 is a modem and router all in one. Here are some great features about it: 

  • Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi ever invented.
  • Tri-Band technology powers more devices at once – like smart speakers, alarm systems, doorbells and TVs – and optimizes each connection.
  • Seconds count; faster Wi-Fi throughput sets you ahead, whether you are gaming, streaming, or working.
  • WPA3 wireless security protocols provide robust protection for your wireless network.

Looking into some in detail specs:

  • Wi-Fi Support (Tri-Band)
    • 1 x 2.4GHz 802.11Wi-Fi 6 (ax) 4x4
    • 2 x 5GHz 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 (ax) 4x4 for both Low-Band and High-Band
  • Ethernet Interface: 3 @ 1Gbps
    • 1 @ 5Gbps 
  • High-speed connectivity for high-definition IPTV set-top boxes
  • Voice up to two lines direct from the Wi-Fi Gateway
  • HSIA speed tiers up to 5G/5G 
  • Integrated ONT (iONT)
  • WPS - Wi-Fi Protected Setup

The users around you vary by location. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Johan, AT&T Community Specialist

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9 months ago

What atthelp did not tell you is that the wifi range on the 320 is very poor. If you read many posts on this forum you will find many people add a mesh system to the 320 to get decent wifi  range



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9 months ago

The Wi-Fi range on the BGW320 is actually good and much better than the BGW210. The problem with Wi-Fi is that many folks think it is ubiquitous, which it is not. It is very hard to provide the details you are asking about because no one location is like another.

In additions, many folks are unaware of unintentional things that interfere with it. See for some ideas ("goes through about three lightly constructed walls, or one floor, but that reduces the speed a lot. Some construction materials absorb much more signal, and can effectively block it"). Many folks also inadvertently place the gateway in locations which reduce the Wi-Fi effectiveness (e.g., behind brick walls, with items between the gateway and the users that interfere with the signal such as elevator shafts, refrigerators, ovens, metal shelving, etc.)

The number of users is also confusing since you could have 100's, the problem is that the associated speed provided to each may not be desirable.

While mesh systems may help some of this (e.g., BGW320 talks to mesh node 1 which talks to end device instead of BGW320 talks to end device), they may not fully resolve the issue (e.g., a mesh node may be better able to forward on traffic thru a wall or around a corner but it may not, mesh nodes are basically repeaters which slow down the traffic - its like shouting from person A to person B to person C rather that just shouting from person A to C).

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3 months ago

Does the 320 support POE?

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3 months ago


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