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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 7:37 PM

BGW210-700 IP Passthrough to Google Wifi

Recently got ATT-1000, and got a BGW210-700 that is currently on firmware 2.4.4. As soon as I pass it through to my Primary Hub/Puck it downgrades the internet by 50%-60%. I've even got my cable I'm using as a cat6 cable.

I tried downgrading or upgrading my firmware but it errors out and tells me that I can't do any of that on the WEB UI. Any ideas?





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4 weeks ago

Just had the same issue trying to manually upgrade.

Their best guess was that they may be preventing manual firmware updates within X days of a pushed update.

I just got a pushed update yesterday to the same version. When I tried to manually take it to the most recent version, I got the WEBUI error as well.

Pure speculation, maybe their data shows 2.4.4 more stable than 2.5.x so they’re preventing further updates until the next stable release.