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Monday, April 16th, 2018 10:39 PM

BGW210-700 and AirPort Extreme or other possible solutions

Different version of a similar question that's been asked in the forums, will try again.


Just had Internet 1000 installed and they provided a BGW210-700 modem router. Speeds are exceptionally high when wired into the BGW210 or with wireless connection sitting in the same room (600mbs). However signal and bandwidth quickly diminish and collapse completely in other rooms (drops to between 40-0mps). Including in the front of the house where networked security cameras now can't hold the connection. (FYI it's a small single floor home about 1700 sq feet).


Previously had Spectrum DSL modem connected to AirPort Extreme and 2 AirPort Expresses to carry the signal throughout with no problems. And faster speeds then I'm now getting anywhere other then sitting next to the router. Anyone know if it's possible to configure the AirPorts to work with the BGW210 router/modem? Have tried setting them to bridge mode but connectivity and speed problems persist.


If necessary I'll buy another range extender although not sure which work best with this set up and would welcome any suggestions/expereinces.


Thanks in advance 



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6 years ago

I'm unfamiliar with the airport products.  However, most wireless routers can be configured in AP mode.  In this mode the router is connected to the gateway via ethernet and acts as a wireless signal transceiver for clients only.  If wiring the airport products is not feasible, another option is as a wireless extender which is likely supported.  In this mode the device acts as a relay.  The drawback is you lose half of your bandwidth.

I recently set up a netgear EX8000 for client.  It's a tri radio device which uses a dedicated link to the base station while still providing separate 2.4/5 ghz connectivity to wireless clients.  It wasn't cheap, ~$200 on amazon, but works well. I was able to get wireless speeds upwards of ~600 mbps on relayed 5ghz connection.  Of course, ymmv.  If you don't want to throw more money at it, use what you have but wire up the airport devices so they have full bandwidth.

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