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Monday, April 19th, 2021 8:28 PM

BGW210: IP Passthrough stopped working

I was switching routers (I use my own router with the BGW210) and did the usual change to IP Passthrough on the BGW210. After power-cycling the BGW210, the internet is working, but IP Passthrough isn't.

I'm thinking of resetting the BGW210 to see if that fixes it. What settings do I need to change from the defaults when I reconfigure it after reset to factory default? I know that I'll need to turn off the wireless radios since I'm using my own router, but anything else I'll need to do? Will it essentially work in factory default mode?


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2 years ago

Never mind. I just held my breath, and did the reset to factory defaults, and that fixed my IP Passthrough problem. No changes to default settings were needed.

Breathing again now *smile*. My phone, computers, TV's, etc., all need internet these days, so the stakes are high. I do wish that I could plug my own router directly into the ONT, though, instead of having to use a weak link like the BGW210.

So it goes...


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