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Saturday, February 17th, 2024 3:56 AM

BGW 320 Can't get Port Forwarding to work -- tried device reset and followed the posted instructions.


On my ATT Fiber internet connection, I'd like to use a VPN powered by my Synology NAS (using OpenVPN), but I can't get my ATT router to forward the suggested port (1194 UDP). I've read many threads of people with similar problems, I've tried the frequently suggested "reset the device" approach, I've scrupulously followed the ATT posted instructions. Is there a trick to getting this to work? Has anyone here had success getting port forwarding on this model of router/gateway to work? Reliably? When I check the port on my WAN address, using port checking tool like Can You See Me, they tell me that there is no response. 

Is there any hope for getting this to work on the ATT router ( a BGW320-500)? I'd prefer not to use a secondary router with "IP Passthrough." 

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2 months ago

Att gateways will not support using a vpn. You will have to get another router and place the gateway in ip passthrough to the router. 

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2 months ago

Thanks browndk26.  Can you expand on what "will not support using a vpn" means? Does the gateway somehow block a vpn server on the network? Why can't I just set the ATT gateway to forward the appropriate port to my VPN server (which in this case is running on my Synology NAS?, using port 1194 )?  I've followed the ATT instructions to forward that port, but when I use port forward checking tools to look at the port from the internet, they show the port as closed. 

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