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Sunday, October 14th, 2018 5:12 AM

Been away awhile: Has AT&T addressed any problems regarding their fiber equipment and service?

Is NTP service still blocked? Are there still issues with port forwarding? Is gig speed fiber still slow for most people? Does the Pace 5268AC still not hold firewall rules consistently? Can you turn off Wi-Fi completely on the Pace unit yet and not have it restart and broadcast an SSID just because?!? Is IP Passthrough/ DMZ mode still poorly implemented? Is Smart Home Manager still not connecting often?  Is the private IP range of to still unavailable to use privately? Is there still no easy way to present problems to AT&T network/system/hardware/software engineers so that they can be addressed? Am I being an @sshole? Maybe, but I pay a lot for this service and I'd like answers.



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5 years ago

The NTP issue caught my attention.  Although this - - says ntp is blocked in both directions, i've never had any issues accessing remote ntp servers @ port 123/udp for time syncing purposes. I can understand inbound ntp being blocked.

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