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Sunday, September 25th, 2022 5:45 AM

ATT Wi-Fi Extender Help......

When I move the ATT Wifi Extender closer to the side of the house where my outdoor security cameras are it tells me that it is too far from the gateway to connect. I have a hardwire location on that side of the house, can I just leave the extender hardwired and get it to broadcast that way? This extender does not seem to work the way others I have tried. Once set up how do I choose the devices that I want to use it. The ATT Gateway app shoes it on the network but how do I choose what uses it? This has me a little confused. No paperwork cam with the extender.

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1 year ago

 I have a hardwire location on that side of the house, can I just leave the extender hardwired and get it to broadcast that way

@tonydi covered the basics of using the Wi-Fi extender using an Ethernet backhaul to the AT&T Gateway to extend Wi-Fi coverage to remote areas of your coverage area.

Which AT&T Wi-Fi Extender do you have: AT&T 4920, 4931, or 4973?

You can't force a device to connect to a specific Extender or the Gateway if it can see both signals but once selected they don't tend to switch without a power cycle or disabling / enabling the device's Wi-Fi Ethernet, the Wi-Fi Extender or the AT&T Gateway.

Using Ethernet for backhaul connection to your AT&T Gateway allows you to put the Extender closer to the device where you want it to connect. If possible you can connect your remote device directly to the Extender via Ethernet if possible to insure that it connects to the Wi-Fi Extender vs the AT&G Gateway.

Also make sure the Extender is not on the floor, at or above 36 inches and on a flat level surface away from other Electronic interference such as Computer monitors or large LCD equipment.


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1 year ago

Yes, you can hardwire the AirTies extender.  However, you can't control which devices connect to it, you just have to hope that the camera is smart enough to pick the stronger signal.  But wifi being wifi, sometimes devices don't always do the smart thing.

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