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Thursday, October 20th, 2016 9:59 PM

ATT GigaPower and WiFi

Just had the gigapower installed a few days ago and I ordered the 1gb speed package. I know this is a dual band router/modem. I know ideally, one would connect to the 5ghz channel and not the 2.4....However, when on occasion one of my devices is hooked up to the 2.4, I only get speeds around 60mbps on several devices, iPhone 7 Plus, Macbook Pro (2014), Ipad Air and a iPhone 7.


If I connect to the 5ghz channel, I avereage around 350-375mbps...Should the 2.4 channel produce closer speeds to the 5ghz? 


The tech said that my router/modem could be "tweaked" a little to get better speeds but did not elaborate. My LAN speeds vary greatly but as of last check it was 831.20/372.07. But these speeds are not consistent at all and can go as low as 125/700.


Thanks for any and all input/advice!!!



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7 years ago



It is not really possible to achieve actual 1 Gbps speeds over wireless on client devices at this time.


As for 2.4 GHz vs 5 Ghz. Wireless has many variables that could reduce throughput. From interference from other networks, wireless spec, etc.


You will not achieve the same speeds over 2.4 GHz as you do on 5 GHz.


Connect to 5 GHz whenever possible, as you just aren't going to see any crazy speeds on 2.4 GHz. You aren't doing anything wrong, just try to only connect your devices to 5 GHz if supported by the device.


Just as an example, your iPhone 7 Plus will only connect to the AT&T wireless gateway at a maximum theorectical(actual speeds much less, due to many different reasons such as distance from the gateway among others) of 144 Mbps when connected to the gateway on 2.4 GHz. When that same phone is connected to the gateway's 5 GHz connection, since they both support the latest AC standard(AC is 5 GHz only), they connect at a maximum theorectical speed of 866 Mbps.


It's *literally* impossible to achieve 350-375 Mbps over 2.4 GHz with your iPhone 7 Plus.


I hope this helps clear things up.


As for your wired LAN speeds, not really sure what's up with that. But keep in mind to always test the speeds with nothing else going on within the network.



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