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Tue, Aug 11, 2020 2:54 AM

AT&T Fiber Slows Down Every Night

We have AT&T fiber and have no issues during the day with 4 people working/gaming/streaming. At night, typically around the 8:30 or later, the speed slows down to a crawl. The AT&T speed test indicates that 990 mbps is coming into the house, but Individual devices can be below 10 in the evening.


There is no logical explanation for this given it's fine during the day with the exact same equipment.


Restarting the gateway, etc. doesn't help. I see that multiple people have posted about the exact same problem so this feels like something systemic to AT&T. The only solution I have found is to switch providers which I am close to doing. Has anyone actually been able to fix this issue with AT&T?





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2 months ago

Not an AT&T problem but the internet speed tests are overloaded with consumers running endless unneeded speed tests.


Are you still able to stream your NetFlix, Youtube, playing MPG after 8:30 PM?


As long as your Smart Home Manager app shows you are getting 900+ speeds within the AT&T network in the evening it is not an AT&T problem.


If you really want to switch to another provider I would suggest you keep AT&T while you test out the competition. After 30 days you can make an informed choice of which to keep.






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2 months ago

It might seem illogical at first glance but understand that the AT&T speed test (from either the Smart Home Mgr app or the gateway's internal speed test stays on AT&T's network.  In other words, it doesn't actually go out onto the Internet like your web browser or speedtest app does.


It's like looking at the amount of traffic that exists on your driveway vs out on your city's highways.  As Dave said, AT&T can't control the traffic on the "highways".

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