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Monday, June 27th, 2022 3:53 PM

Are there better routers than the Pace 5268 for my AT&T home network

All, is there and can anyone recommend a better router for a AT&T 1GB Fiber home network?

I am changing from AT&T U-Verse to AT&T DirectStream and am attempting to simplify my overall home network of over 150 (and growing) wired and wireless IP devices (I’m not counting other protocols like those used by Philips Hue bulbs which are in every one of my sockets)

On the Pace I have

1) turned Wi-Fi off (using 3 Linksys mx8500 and 2 mx5400 for Wi-Fi), 

2) can only have a max of 16 fixed DHCP IP addresses

3) does not appear to act as a DHCP server

4). Does not appear to mesh with Linksys Mesh

So my question is (before I start experimenting / testing my own): Is there a more full featured router which can replace the Pace  (for instance my mx8500 or some other product from Linksys , Cisco, or anyone else) and works with AT&T?


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1 year ago

You will need to use an ATT gateway as first point after the ONT. A newer model is the BGW210 which has no coax connection.

I mention this as you state moving from Uverse IPTV to DirecTv Stream. If have one or more Uverse receivers on coax the 599 or 5268 are the only units that would work. 

The 210 while being newer still has basically the same interfaces with biggest difference likely being need to use IP Passthrough on the 210 while the 5268 is DMZ mode.

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1 year ago

Do you have the gateway in DMZ+ mode? That would make the gateway pass the IP address to the router. Basically making the gateway a modem. 

Ideally if you could get a bgw210, you could put in ip passthrough. That appears to work better than DMZ+ in the 5268.   

You cannot replace the gateway. 

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