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Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 10:29 PM

Air 4921 ethernet not working

Hello I recently purchased an Ethernet cable for my router because I lost the one that came with it. I play on Xbox a lot so I plugged into that. But then an error message popped up saying NAT type unavailable, basically meaning I couldn't access the internet. So I tried plugging the cable into my PC, still didn't work. I tried buying a new ethernet cable (Cat 6) still didn't work. I'm starting to think my router is the problem here. Can someone give me some support?  

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1 year ago

We're here to help with your Ethernet connection to your gateway, @Bruverton.


The Air 4921 is a Wi-Fi extender used to expand your Wi-Fi coverage to more areas of your home and not for Ethernet connection. You will have to connect your Xbox to your main gateway, and we also recommend rebooting your gateway to refresh your connection. 


If that does not help, let us know:

  • What is the model of your gateway (so we can confirm it is your main gateway and not your Wi-Fi extender)?

We will be looking forward to your response.


Elmi, AT&T Community Specialist

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