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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 7:10 PM

5Mhz Band on Arris BGW210-700 dropping to 100dBm every few seconds...

This post is more about documenting what has been happening to me, but any input on what could be my issue is welcome.

The point the of doing this is to maybe help someone else along the way.

I had 12Mbs DSL using an Arris modem. Not sure which one, but I was getting the ~12Mbs DL/~ 3Mbs UL. I was told this was the best the old copper phone lines way back in my neighborhood could handle anyway. 

Fiber was installed up my street and I called about it. 

There is a whole mess I'm going to skip. It ended with a track hoe in my neighbors front yard...hehehe.

I was given a Arris BGW210-700. Once the Fiber was online they took my DSL box and were gone. I setup my network and that was that. 

A day or so later, my wife was having issues on the 5Mhz radio. My phone on 5Mhz Wifi calling was also dropping out. (Not the whole call, just in and out like I was on the fringe of service.)

I used a wifi analyzer app on my phone and another wifi app on her laptop. (My laptop was running fine on the 2.4Mhz radio as was all the other old devices on the 2.4Mhz)

The 5Mhz band was dropping out every second or two, for less than a second each time. The numbers were around -50dBm dropping to -100dBm then back up.

Not enough for band steering to push the connection to the 2.4Mhz radio but causing poor performance on streaming, gaming and calls on 5Mhz. 

This has yet to change. The firmware on the modem/router was 1.5.12 which is old as dirt considering the newest is 1.7.14. 

I contacted the installer first. The installer told me to disconnect all devices and add them one by one and see if one of them is causing the issue. Which each time I log in with my phone or the laptop, the 5Mhz is acting up. I tried two other phones and a tablet with the same results. Unless all the devices are causing the problem individually, it's the 5Mhz radio. 

He then stopped by and handed me a new Arris BGW210-700, as he said it must be a bad modem, the fiber signal was good.

The new modem was fine for a day or so, then it too started doing the same thing. 

Reading here on the forums led me to believe both of the radios are rather fragile in their communications and one device that is not smooth will cause issues.

After a few weeks of this, I had enough. I called At&t tech support. The tech support folks log in, do a master reset, but can't update the firmware because they have been kicked out of too. 

I found a link, in another thread, to a copy of 1.6.9 which I felt would be good enough to prove that firmware will or won't be the fix for this problem.

I updated the firmware and still the same dropping out. 

I've spent in excess of 6 hrs on the phone (not including wait time) trying to resolve this. Multiple calls, not all at the same time.

Last night, while looking at the wifi channels and analyzer. I found that there is an echo. A hidden network with the same MAC address, same channel, same frequency and all. The only difference is the signal strength, it is disappearing and reappearing. The main network was staying static at ~-50dBm. 

The echo(Hidden Network) appears, goes to the same signal strength as the main network, then disappears. I used my phone to locate the signal, it was coming from my modem. I don't have the Guest SSID enabled. I also have no extender connected.

I called At&t tech support, they said they are sending someone out...

The aggravating thing is, My neighbor has Comcast and his signal is as strong as mine, in my house...(Different channel)

I post up what happens, when that happens. 





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4 years ago

I've been having the same problem.  My Arris BGW210-700 is broadcasting a "HiddenSSID" on the same 5 ghz channel as it is broadcasting my unhidden SSID.  The MAC addresses aren't the same though.  One starts with C6 the other C8 & the rest is the same.  If I manually move the channel of my SSID the HiddenSSID moves along with it.  My android devices would get disconnected a lot & the windows pc's would drop down to 2.4 ghz.  I also noticed that the 5 ghz devices were using the same channel instead finding a clear channel.  My Arries, my Cisco & some of the neighbors that reach my house are on the same or close to the same channel, 155-159.  I also notice this in crowded business areas with a lot of different Wi-Fi's.  The 5 ghz are all crammed into a few of the high channels.


I contacted tech support to ask about the hidden Wi-Fi but no one had a clue what it was for.  The sent me a Pace gateway.  It didn't have the hidden Wi-Fi but still used the same channel as the as the Cisco when on auto so I moved it to another channel.  My devices worked better using that setup.


Later I noticed my speed was kind of slow, 32 Mbps instead of the 50 Mbps I was supposed to be getting.  I tried the online troubleshooting on the AT&T web site & it reported a problem the need a tech to come out.  The tech brought out another Arris BGW210-700 & it has the same hidden Wi-Fi & my devices have the same problems.  Also my speed problem was because my profile was changed to 25 Mbps so he fixed that.  I'm now back to 50 Mbps.  He said he will investigate the hidden Wi-Fi but probably won't.


If you have an Arris BGW210-700 download a Wi-Fi analyzer app & check your Wi-Fi to see if there is a HiddenSSID.  For the PC I'm using WiFi Analyzer V 2.4.1 by Mat Hafner.  For Android I'm using a couple of different apps from the app store.


Current software version: 1.6.7


Ron S



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4 years ago

I updated my Firmware to, 1.10.9 using spTurquoise210-700_1.10.9.bin.  Same issue.  How do I turn off that hidden Wi-Fi, AT&T?



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