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Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 3:24 AM

Ye old "bait and switch" to fiber tactics

I got the old bait & switch from AT&T today. I received mail about every other week telling me I need to call to upgrade my internet service to fiber by May or my current service would be disconnected.  Well, I already had fiber.  I had the 300 plan which was perfectly fine for my needs.  After dealing endlessly with prompts and unsuccessful callbacks (I'm a BUSY person with no time for this), I get Christine, who explains that my current internet price is about to go up $5 a month, but I can get this 1 gig fiber plan with NO installation for less than what I'm currently paying, and the promotion is ongoing and will not expire after 12 months or increase. I finally agreed, and when I get the summary, lo and behold, I'm being charged a $100 "activation" fee for equipment I already have!  

No wonder there are so many (Edited per community guidelines) (Edited per community guidelines) against ATT.  Between bait & switch tactics and data breaches, I don't know how you people sleep at night. Looks like I'll be shopping for another provider so I can discontinue any and all my business with ATT. Glad I already took my mobile business elsewhere a while back.



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2 months ago

Sorry that you bothered to create a new account just to rant. This is a customer to customer public forum and not an Official AT&T Support path. Your premise does not hold water since you could have upgrade online without calling anyone if you really wanted to upgrade.

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2 months ago

Thanks for the reply. As I already stated, I didn't want to upgrade -- I was responding to the multiple letters from ATT stating that my service would be disconnected if I didn't call them to have fiber installed. Also already stated that I already had fiber. The deceptive sales tactic was to get me to call for clarification and then get me to upgrade so they could charge an installation fee even though there is nothing else to install. 

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