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Mon, Jul 5, 2021 4:15 PM

Told at end of 12 month promo, cannot downgrade to less expensive plan.


The "Subject" pretty much says it all - classic Bait & Hook. I had intended to downgrade my plan at the end of the promo considering my maximum obtainable speed is approx 150 Mbps (download) using the 5Ghz band. When I attempted to downgrade to the Internet 300 plan I got this: 

"Looks like the one you have is a keeper

We don't offer any other plans in your area right now".

So apparently I'm stuck with the Internet 1000 plan, which is way more speed than I need, or can actually use. That's just wrong ! Does anyone have a suggestion ? The only service I have with AT&T is internet. $69.99 every month for a service I don't need & cannot use is just insane. I ultimately will be switching providers unless there is a solution with AT&T. How difficult can it be for At&T to throttle my speed back - it's fiber, with a boat load of automation on their end.
Thanks to All,
R. Munn 

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4 m ago

I suspect your original order was when ATT was only offering all 3 speeds for the same price... I think that was the early to mid part of last year with the COVID starting.

As your no longer promo, need to look at the list prices of the current offerings and compare to the list price of your expired promo.

Initially the list price of internet 1000 (2016-2017) was $119 with $39 discount for 12 months yielding $80 promo. List price of internet 100 was $99 with $39 discount for promo of $60 for 12 months. Since then various promos have been used and list prices have declined. 

AT&T Internet price changes after 12 months

AT&T applies a flat $20 discount to fiber internet-only plans, and a flat $10 discount to DSL or IPBB plans.

The discount times out after the first 12 months of service, at which point the prevailing rate for service applies.

Note that advertised pricing is before adding the $10 per month WiFi gateway leasing fee, which raises the effective price by $10 on all plans, regardless of sign-up discount.

To my knowledge the current LIST prices (not including $10 equipment fee)

Internet 1000 $80 +10 total $90 per month

Internet 500 $70 + 10 total $80 per month

Internet 300 $60 + 10 total $70 per month.

If your current standard pricing for internet 1000 includes the gateway at no charge for $69.99 that is a considerable deal considering new customer pricing after promo would be $90 and even internet 300 is a  penny more after promo than your paying for 1000.

I do not see a "bait & switch". pricing has changed and appears you have the best plan with best pricing available... could you drop your speed yes... but that would not drop your price. ($69.99 to $70)

You could cancel service, return the equipment, wait 30+ days then re order service with installation charge ($35 self install, $99 full tech install) PLUS have the $10 equipment charge but a lower price for 12 months ($40+$10=$50) then after 12 months would be back to the $70 per month.

Just my thoughts...


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4 m ago

AT&T did compress some plans, but a 500 Mbps is still offered in some locations.  It may be that the competition in your neck of the woods is all higher priced and they don't feel the need to offer lower bandwidth.  My only choice is one way, and would result in my bill doubling, so I stay where I am.

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4 m ago

Hello Employee,

I had no idea I had the option of cancelling, waiting 30+ days, then doing the whole thing over again. I have an appointment tomorrow with a different carrier - starts with an "A". I signed up for their Internet 200 plan, which cost very close to the same as my AT&T promo plan. It is also a promo, but I was told up front that I have the same cancel / re-start @ same promo pricing option at years' end. I had service w/them years ago over copper telephone lines. Talk about a nightmare !. Additionally, my custom security system video caller ID never worked with their system. Things have changed, namely the gear. 1000 Mbps over cable ?; who wuda thunk ? My gut tells me my seven camera security system is going to have some issues, even using my own Wi-Fi 6 router. I also don't know if my custom video caller ID is going to work, so switching back after 30+ days might be in my best interest anyway.

Thanks a bunch for the constructive input !

Peace ..

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