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Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 6:13 PM

Status on outage in the Atlanta area?

Called AT&T twice today, trying to get an update on our AT&T fiber (internet) outage in the Atlanta area. First let me say that i'm really disappointed in the customer service.

Let's start with yesterday -- Service went out early yesterday. I was on the phone for 29 minutes with a technical support person who spent more time running through their stupid script, than helping me. He was insistent on sending me a new box, that i would get within 2 to 4 business days. After I stated more than once that we needed the issue resolved sooner, and questioned whether a new box would fix the issue, the suppprt person finally scheduled someone to come out to the house to check the service. When the tech came out at 6pm, they were already aware of an outage that started at noon that day, but the outage had not been investigated fully and had mot been reported up to customer support. He checked our equipment and wiring (which was fine), and while he was here, found out that there was now an expected larger outage and there was nothing he could do. He didn't know the problem, when they would fix the problem, or anyone we could call to get an update. So first I would ask, why did it take SO MANY HOURS to figure out there was a wider issue? You wasted my time and the techs time. Oh, and as of mid evening last night, the website still did not have a reported outage in our area?

OK- so Fast forward to today. No updates from anyone. It's 12:45 PM and stil l don't have a clue as to what the issue is or when the issue will be resolved. I called customer service, and spent another useless 26 minutes on the phone. One the first call, i was transferred twice, with holds in between. On the last transfer, the phone rang and hung up. Nice! On the 2nd call, i was transferred twice, after getting out of automated phone jail. I was on hold for 5 minutes, only to be transferred again to technical support who wanted to run a test on our box, even after i explained clearly twice that I was calling to get an update on the widespread outage in the Atlanta area. Note to technical support - i get that its hard to find good support people, and thus you need them to follow a script, but they should still listen to the caller. I asked at least 5 times to be transfers to customer care or a supervisor and he kept ignoring me and talking. He finally agreed to connect me, the call transferred BACK to the same Technical Support with a 5 minute wait call.

We've only had our service for a month, so this doesn't bode well for AT&T.

I would like an answer on 1) how big is this outage? 2) what caused the outage? 3) what's being done to resolve the outage 4) when is the anticiapated time as to when the outage will be fixed? 5) what compensation will be giving to customers for this interruption in service? and 6) what is AT&T going to do going forward to prevent future problems, identify and respond to problems more quickly, and keep customers updated.

I think you will find that most customers will respond with less anger, if you at least communicate an issue and keep them updated on resolution steps and time frame. My time is valuable and I don't need it wasted on bad customer service and poor customer communication.

Final note - some people might not think it's a big deal to have uninterrupted internet. They say --It's down a day or two - we'll deal. Ok, I can go to a coffee shop to work - that's fine. But my husband works in IT and he often needs to be available late night/ early morning if something fails at his work, so we need reliable internet. We got fiber because we expected it would be fast and reliable.

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7 years ago

Hi @carolb32,


Sorry to read of your experience. Unfortunately our teams normally do not have information when outages will be cleared. We can tell you that our teams work as quickly and efficiently as possible to resolve them. You will find information here on how to check status of an outage using the myATT app. It is easy to use and you do not have to call in.



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