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Tue, Oct 30, 2018 12:59 PM

Quoted Price at Sign-up Higher Than Billed Price

We recently signed up for Fiber Internet and Home Phone services over the phone. We were quoted a price which included a promotional discount and were told the Internet installation fee would be waived but would have to pay for phone installation. The price was quoted back to us numerous times by customer service during the sign-up process. We were told the prices would be good for one year. We were told that we would get a confirmation email with all the information in it. We never got the email and later realized that customer service had used an incorrect email address for our account, even though we had corrected her a couple of times on it during sign-up.


We get the first bill and the base ongoing charges for services is higher than quoted (not talking about the taxes and fees). We call customer service, and they can't help us...the price is what the price is. We escalate it up the chain. This woman was nice, but unable to help. She said she believed we had been quoted a lower price, but that she was unable to change the pricing for our account to reflect the quoted price. She said she had to bump it up higher to the person who had the authority to make the adjustment and that person would call us back by 6 pm that night. Of course, we never got the call. It's been a couple of weeks now, and still no response from them.


While on the phone with customer service because of the incorrect email address attached to our account and getting that all straightened out (we couldn't log into the account online since the email was wrong), I asked a couple of times if the original confirmation/welcome email could be resent, which would have had the pricing in it. Never got an answer one way or another on that one.


We don't know what is going on here. Are the customer service people who sign you up just giving any price to get you signed because they are working on commission, regardless if it's the price you will be billed for? Bait and switch? Honest mistake? Regardless, the fact is ATT is responsible to give you the price they quote when you sign up. It is illegal to not do so. 


ATT is trying to enter the market in this area with their Fiber. This is not the way to do so. At this point, I would not be recommending the switch to anyone in our area.  Nor am I willing to just accept the price difference. I would much rather to be able to resolve the issue through ATT, but there are other avenues available to resolution as well. 


We want the services at the price that we agreed upon during sign-up. That's not really asking for too much.



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3 y ago

Thank you for your speedy reply. We are being billed for the pricing shown online for the package we have. So, if I'm understanding you correctly, that's ATT's pricing, period. Okay, I get that.


However, I called the toll free number from the ATT site because I had some questions. I was quoted a price (lower than on the website). We then discussed the information I was given within our household. I called back to sign-up and was given a totally different price. In both cases, I was put on hold while the looked up "what price they could give me."


If ATT's policy is no promotions outside of what is on the website, then you have a problem within your customer service that is signing people up. It's not really my problem. Legally, ATT is responsible for their representatives. Given that I was told pricing outside of website pricing on two occasions by two different representatives, it's hard to feel that this is an isolated incident. If there's no leeway in the pricing, then customer service should know this and provide truthful information to inquiries.


Not once during all of this have we been told that ATT was even going to track back the person who signed us up with false pricing and deal with the issue. There are at least two employees operating outside of your policy, doing things that violate FTC guidelines. 


If ATT isn't going to be responsible for/stand by their employees actions, then okay. At least we know where things stand and can decide how to move forward based on that fact. Again, thank you for your response.



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