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Monday, March 6th, 2023 10:27 PM

Multiple people in same neighborhood having same issues!

We live in a new neighborhood - about 3 years old.  All of a sudden, at least 10+ families that we know of are having the same exact issues with our ATT Fiber connection.  We are paying for 1 GIG.  Everyone keeps calling ATT and they just tell us it is our problem, not theirs and a couple of people have had technicians out that say the same thing and charge them $99.   The ping speeds are all over the map - one minute it will be in the 600's and you can run test again and it drops to 12.  Try to watch TV and it interrupts what you are watching and dumps you out of the program, sometimes can't even send an email the bandwidth is so low.  Impossible to try to do any computer work online!  Also notice the upload speeds are usually higher than download but not sure why.  We have done everything ATT suggests and checked everything internally - I use to own a computer colocation business and an IT company.  We know what we are doing.  It's impossible that do many people are facing the exact same issues.  Any ideas on what it could be causing this issue or how we can get our requests up the food chain to someone who actually knows what they are doing???



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1 year ago

Everyone keeps calling ATT and they just tell us it is our problem, not theirs and a couple of people have had technicians out that say the same thing and charge them $99.

The $99 fee is for Dispatch on Demand. If the tech finds nothing wrong on the AT&T side you are billed. Have you run the Diagnostic tests on the AT&T Gateway?

Does this issue tend to happen in the evening and correct it's self by 12 AM?

Yes as many as 32-64 customers can share single a Splitter on the local PFP box. Are all the neighbors with issues on the same street or in a close geological area if cross streets to the main street.

No magic escalation process. Each customer will need to call 1-800-288-2020 or use the SHM App to open a ticket if SHM diagnostics fail. Just don't force AT&T to dispatch a tech unless you can see an error in the diagnostics of the AT&T Gateway or the SHM app.




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1 year ago

For the past month i've been dealing with absolute trash internet speeds. Close to the same thing, ping explodes intermittently to like 200-300 ms then gets back down to <30 ms, hard to catch because it pops up randomly while running speed tests across different testers. Some tests display ping fine and then others have such a ping spread between 30 and 300 ms that is puke worthy.

I'm on 1 gig fiber and literally the only server that gives me anywhere close to that speed since then are AT&T's own server within the city. Any other server drops below <300 down and like 200 up, even within the city, if I test against servers in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Miami, Missouri or New York, I get the trashiest 200 or 300 down and like 100-150 up.

This service is basically degraded to selling a 1 gig pipe to their own servers in a 50-mile radius.

There's 0 point on using the gateway's speed test diagnostic, considering that "test" only tests against at&t's own closest server, if it's even a server. Of course it will show up as being perfectly fine, that's almost as close as testing against their supplied gateway itself for speed.

Just tested at 12:30 am, to showcase the pinnacle of first world superpower internet peering:

AT&T in st louis, MO = 373 down, 212 up

AT&T in miami = 409 down, 211 up

Bufferbloat test = 735 down, 332 up

Whitesky Comm in houston = 764 down, 217 up

Brightspeed in houston = 257 down, 158 up

Tachus fiber in houston = 359 down, 177 up

AT&T in new orleans = 598 down, 444 up

AT&T in georgia = 383 down, 232 up

Speeds only get worse on non at&t outside of houston. and i've tested download speeds under 150 mbps and upload speeds in the 20 mbps within the US.

but of course big chungus straight pipe to AT&T's server in downtown houston = 795 down, 837 up and the gateway's speed test which probably hits the junction box around the corner shows like 900+ down 900+ up. Great tests, I will next test the file server in my LAN, real world testing, very accurate.

I'm sure all the cloud providers where i have to upload media for work and personal backups will flock to plug their fiber into at&t's local rack.


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