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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 7:33 PM

Internet & Wireless bundling problems

I recently moved.  This involved selling my house and then staying in an Airbnb while waiting for my new house to be built.  I changed the billing address on my wireless account to a PO Box and cancelled the internet for my previous address.  I called AT&T to setup internet service at my new address and bundle it with my wireless address.  The salesperson said that it would only cost $65 a month because of the bundle discount. 

What ended up happening was they created a whole new account for my internet and did not bundle it with my wireless.  When I called today, they said that they can't bundle it because the account has already been created... WHAT!?

I was unable to change my service address for my wireless account because they said it wasn't a valid address.  I've been living here for almost a month and I'm still unable to change my wireless service address.

Surely there is something someone can do to fix this.  Customer Service/Billing was no help at all.

ACE - Professor


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3 months ago

Go to an Att wireless store and ask for help. Most likely they cannot fix it but can direct you to someone who can. As I understand the program, you aren’t bundling accounts. You just get a discount for having wireless service and fiber. 

Try Calling back and ask for the discount on your fiber service since you have wireless service. Note that you have to be considered a new fiber customer to get the discount. 

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