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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 12:29 PM

GigaPower 1 TB data cap, and viewing usage.

I have the Gigbit internet, but cannot seem to view the usage.


This is the cap from the plan:


"Internet price incl 1TB of data/mo. $10 per addl 50GB. For more info, go to"


I would like to know what my usage is however. I cannot seem to view this through the account page, it looks like it will only show last months usage.


The stats on the modem do not seem to be correct. It says 4GB recieved, when I know I have downloaded more like 50 GB. 


Ethernet Statistics
Line State Up
Current Speed 1000
Current Duplex full
Receive Packets 6338987
Transmit Packets 3624766
Receive Bytes 4260495303
Transmit Bytes 1251491922
Receive Unicast 0
Transmit Unicast 0
Receive Multicast 0
Transmit Multicast 2145358212
Receive Drops 0
Transmit Drops 0
Receive Errors 0

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9 years ago

1) Your Residential Gateway will show stats since last boot or reset.  This will have nothing to do with your billing period.  It will also show IPTV traffic if you have U-verse TV, which should be excluded from the HSI cap.


2) You got an AT&T web page to show you usage stats?  Will you screen shot that?  Because most of us (non-Gigapower users) can't find one at all last month, this month, anything.  OTOH, AT&T has not been enforcing the 250 GB cap on lower tier U-verse HSI.




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7 years ago

My co-worker just signed up with Fiber service.  I'm not sure if that is the same as Gigapower but he told me there is no data cap on his service.

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