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Tue, May 28, 2019 11:35 PM

AT&T is Just Another Greedy Corporation with Hidden Fees!

I signed up for ATT Internet and was told I was getting 100 Mbps through their fiber optics. My TV is continually getting interrupted when streaming a show (not enough bandwidth it says). My internet is extremely slow and come to find out I was charged $49 for an Extender. What? Why? If ATT can't bring 100 Mbps into my home, which I was told would be plenty to do what I do,  then why am I being charged for an extender? Nothing works as they promised!!!!


This was completely hidden from me until I received the bill. No one told me about a forty-nine dollar fee for an extender that I never asked for. What a scam. I thought AT&T was an honest company, but it turns out they are not. Just another Greedy Corporation with Hidden Fees!


And on top of that, they have incompetent people working in their billing department. I've made two payments, and they show I only paid one. Now my bill is up to nearly $200. What's wrong with you AT&T. I am so tired of greedy, incompetent companies with one thing on their mind. Scamming people for more money and not delivering the services they promise!


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Hi There @originalunhappy,


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