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Mon, Feb 12, 2018 12:53 AM

ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I have supposedly gigabit fiber at my house in Austin. According to Ookla speedtest, I'm getting 10Mbps download and 300Mbps upload (which is unexpected). This on a wired connection, admittedly with a Netgear 108 switch between my computer and the AT&T gateway, but still...

Since I'm more interested in download than upload, I figure I might as well pay for slower speeds. I'm jealous of the folks in the forum who have recorded any speeds in the 100's of Mbps download speed. I guess I've NEVER gotten that.

Thinking about switching to Google fiber at this point, but would welcome any suggestions about other testing to try. I know I only have copper coming into my house (don't know where the fiber ends), but I'm not willing to pay for "fiber" for 1% of the promised top speed!


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3 years ago

Well, seems it was my fault. I had a single slice of CAT5 cable between my computer and the fiber portal. Replacing that with CAT 5e gives me 770Mbps download  😉  Much closer to AT&T's max deliverable claim. I can live with this. 



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2 years ago

Try replacing it with Cat6.  You may get even better speed.

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