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Monday, March 4th, 2019 8:01 PM

ATT broke their promise and now says too bad.

I had been a DirecTv customer for 16 years. I received a promotional letter in the mail offering ATT Gigapower for $70 for life and no equipment fees. I accepted the offer and all was going well until last month when my internet stopped working. I called in for service. It was determined that the router had failed. I was shipped a replacement for self install. Shortly after the call ended, I received an email thanking me for my order and to review my new bill. Since I did not change anything on my bill, I called ATT customer service. I was advised that there were no changes and just wait for the bill and everything would be fine. I just received the first bill since the call and it is not fine. The bill reads " Promotion removed on Feb 10 - previous credit reversed". I am now being charged for equipment and for the partial prior month. Was I penalized for calling in? The customer service rep stated he spoke to his manages and there was nothing that could be done because I broke the contract when I asked for new equipment. I hope you can see my frustration since it appears that I am being treated to like it or leave it sucker. I am now shopping for other providers on principle. This is not a company I want to give my money to any longer.


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5 years ago

Hello @Mssoll,


Thank you for reaching out on the forums, we're here to help! We were saddened to read of your recent experience. We would like to take a further look into these concerns, and see if we can turn this around for you.


We will be sending you a private message to your forums inbox. Please locate the message from ATTCares and reply with the requested information. We look forward to working with you further!


James C., AT&T Community Specialist

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