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Tue, Nov 2, 2021 3:39 PM

At wit's end

Signed up with AT&T fiber and started service 3 weeks ago.  Was told by multiple reps we would get the WIFI 6 capable BGW320 gateway.  Instead we received the older BGW210 - must have just been a sales tactic to bring in customers.  I consistently get only 1/2 of the speed I pay for, whether it be wired or wireless.  A tech support agent tried to "change settings" on my gateway and the speed was lowered to 8mbps.  Fast forward to last week, I chatted online about the gateway and the agent "ordered" the BGW320 for me and said it would arrive in a few days.  After a week, I hadn't received a confirmation email and didn't receive the gateway.  I chatted with someone yesterday who said the original order was cancelled, and she would put in another one.  First she put in an order and gave me the order number, and then said it was for BGW210.  So then she "cancelled" that order and did another one for BGW320.  I do see currently both orders are in progress so I hope I don't receive another BGW210.

The bigger issue is, I have received several emails from AT&T saying that my internet plan was increased from 300 to 500, and the new bill estimate reflecting the change.  I spoke to the agent's manager who assured me in writing that my bill won't increase and I'm still on 300 internet.  Yet again I received an email today about the increase in my bill.

I'm so fed up with AT&T and their customer service being so incompetent.  Considering canceling and switching to Xfinity (which we are also wired for) so that I don't have to spend anymore time trying to resolve the issues with AT&T.

Anyone else have an experience like this, and is there a better way to get through to better customer support?  How is the internet and customer service at Xfinity?

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