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Friday, October 20th, 2017 9:34 AM

Secretive microcell removal -DV situation

I’m leaving an abusive relationship, and I happen to be in the timeframe that I’m most likely to murdered. Lovely of them to tell me. 


Anyway, I have a microcell. I have 2 actually. One active, one not. My phone is unfortunately stuck on the exes account. He suspended my line, of course. 


Im ordering a prepaid SIM card for the time being, but the microcell was activated  on my line - the suspended one. The lights are solid, but I’m thinking it isn’t going to work with my line being suspended? And in order to change the primary line (I can still login. He forgot that part) it would likely notify the account holder? That part I’m not sure of. There’s a tablet on the account that nobody uses but it’s in his possession. I can’t remember the process to activate it. It used to send me all the notifications bc it’s on my line. 


The thing is, I have to go file paperwork with the court for the restraining order. At that time they’ll order the phone to me, but until then I’m stuck and I can’t have any notifications going to him and setting him off. I saw that ATT Wisconsin has a DV plan in place- for when DV victims are in this situation. Suspending a line is an extremely dangerous situation & he changed the passcode on the account as well. If I lived in Wisconsin I’d still be able to do a transfer of service but I’m in Ohio. 


I have no service in my house at all, with any carrier- without that microcell. So I ordered the pre paid sim which I know I can add to the Microcell, but how the he** am I going to get it working and live to see the other side of the “red zone” I’m in? 


-former AT&T landline/wireless/telco/Uverse/dsl retention/billing/escalation/repeat caller/ whatevernobodyelsewantedtodealwith rep 2008-2016. 


I have to say, I came across a few calls I had to call the cops to a customers house for DV, and even more terrified women that didn’t know what to do. There really should be a company wide policy for this or a way to shut down the notification system at least. Dv is a horrible situation and nobody makes that up. 

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7 years ago

Microcell cannot be used on prepaid.  You need to walk away from that device.  

Change your account on your phones. (iCloud or google).   In fact I would advise you go to Best Buy and get a low cost phone from another networks prepaid and use a new gmail account to set up.  If he has any access to your old gmail or iCloud, he can track you.

    Microcell requires home internet to work.  

If you switch to Verizon, you can use Wifi calling on prepaid.  ATT does not allow Wifi calling on prepaid. 

He can blacklist your phone, he probably has done so, don’t bother using it.


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7 years ago

@DefeatedOne - @lizdance40 has given you good advice. As mentioned, the basic requirements for a MicroCell are a post paid AT&T cellular account and a land-based internet service (DSL, cable, or fiber). Unfortunately, there aren't any special considerations. 

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