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What is happening with 3G?
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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 3:11 PM

Pondering the MicroCell in my area.

So. I suppose Im getting mixed emotions about this little contraption AT&T has built. There is a tower almost literally right next to my house, although I'm not too sure what sort of tower it is. I'm almost positive it isnt just a mere repeater. Its red and white and I can see it from MILES away. That being said, and lets assume, (for the sake of my question), that it is in fact a cell tower[among others]. I feel like I should be getting way better service at my house than I do. On a GOOD day, I'll have 2-3 bars, and I'll miss my 4G/LTE icon until I get completely out of my neighborhood. Right across the main street is a deadzone. The entire neighborhood over there is a complete deadzone.....for AT&T at least. Im all, how is that possible!? This is 2017 for (#@! sake! Luckily on my side of the street....there is service, shotty at best. Hence my pondering.
When I was first told about this mysterious MicroCell from the AT&T rep at the local store, I invisioned a little antenna of sorts that you put up on the roof of your house. Haha. Far from it! Its just a glorified router!! I digress. Point is, I miss the speeds I used to have when I had Sprint. My mobile connection speeds were lightening fast, even before they redid the entire system with fiberglass. Even when I connect to my wifi...which is pretty quick for Comcast, my phone sometimes gets confused on which connection it wants to use. So. Obvious question.
Is this MicroCell really worth it? Apparently there is 3G and 4G variants? Of course Id want the 4G. Also, would this take the place of my router?, or is it its own entity? Supposedly I can only connect a certain ammount of devices to it? I'm in Colorado Springs. Not BFE by any means, but deff, not Denver.
Whats the opinion on the MicroCell in my area?(Colorado Springs). What about in your area? Or how about just in general???

Im tired of paying so much for service that Im hardly satisfied with. If this thing will help, even a little bit. I need to know.

Thank you to any and all for your time, and input....and or, opinion. Much appreciated.



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7 years ago

It's not a router at all, glorified or not....and there is no 4G variant of the Mcell.  It's 3G only.


It does not replace your home network's router.  It must be connected to a router via Ethernet cable and be located near a window in order to receive GPS satellite signals.


But before you run out and buy a Mcell, what make and model of phones are in your household?  If they are WiFi Calling compatible, there is no reason to use a Mcell.

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7 years ago

@SirSixthe5th - as @Avedis53 pointed out, the MicroCell is not a routers. It is a femtocell which transmits a cellular 3G signal that your phone connects to and then the call is transmitted, via VoIP using your internet connection to the ATT Mobility Servers. I would recommend that you read the first few pages of my Tech Guide (link in my sig) to get an idea of the MicroCell.
WiFi-C is really your best option if your phones are WiFi Calling capable .
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