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Sun, Feb 27, 2022 5:12 AM

New LTE Booster GPS antenna connection

The New LTE boosters/FemToCells GPS antenna wire is a bit short for my setups. FOr the old 3g ones I had bought a replacement GPS antenna with a much longer run. I wanted to just use that but the new LTE boosters have a MMCX connector and the old 3g ones had a MCX connector .

So I bought a RGS174 (same cable as the one that comes with the unit) 6" female MCX to male MMCX and re-used my old GPS antenna which was already run and would have been a (Edited per community guidelines) to re-run. I can confirm it works just fine, although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a sanctioned AT&T thing to do, especially if your having issues and need support.

If you wanted to simply extend the antenna that came with the LTE booster unit, you could buy a female MMCX to male MMCX (or just a MMCX extension).

But for anyone who wants to know, the GPS connection on the new one is MMCX in case you want to get an adaptor like me, an extension or a whole new antenna.


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4 m ago

@73blazer You beat me to it 😉. I've been looking for an extension to add that to the Guide so thank you for saving me some time. To be clear, you just disconnected the supplied GPS antenna and connected it to the extension and then the extension to the Cell Booster?

I will be posting an update to my Tech Guide soon with some interesting info about the GPS antenna.

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