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What is happening with 3G?
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Thursday, January 27th, 2022 9:53 PM

new Cell Booster model SS2Fll

Received the new Cell Booster model SS2Fll and set it up right away, took about 20 min to finish its process of starting up.

Had GPS lock, GPS unit is on window like it specifies. Now 20 min later there is NO LOCK for GPS. 

Now getting "Location Unknown" error in the '' login screen. even though the light is solid white on the unit.

Also, the 4G LTE light will not light up...???

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2 years ago

Hello @stx4by4, we are fully aware of your concerns and we want to help you further with successfully setting up your new SS2FII Cell Booster device. 


Please make sure that you've followed these instructions to activate your device:

  1. Reset your modem to clear out old settings. Press and hold the red reset button for 30 seconds. Please note, it will clear out personal settings. 
  2. Download the AT&T Cell Booster app from your app store, or go to AT&T Cell Booster, or scan the QR Code on the Cell Booster. 
  3. Follow the steps to register and set up your device.

After registration and set-up is complete, the device will go through an activation sequence in the network. Device activation can take up to an hour to complete.


You will receive an email and SMS notification once the device has completed activation and is enabled for use. The device LED's will turn solid white in the following sequence as steps are completed: Power > Internet > GPS > LTE > Status.


Please be advised: You can also check the device status in the portal by selecting the arrow next to the device on the Home page to get additional status for that device including any errors encountered during activation.


The email or SMS notification will show the activation progress as well as any specific errors occurred during activation. Activation Failure: On the Home page, if the activation failed, a red circle with an exclamation point will appear on the Cell Booster image along with the error and instructions. You should follow the instructions provided to resolve the trend.


In the meantime, if you've completed the following process you'll need to proceed with our initial troubleshooting steps:


  • Power cycle the device by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in or to disconnect the device and attempt registration again.


Find and fix AT&T Cell Booster issues is a great way to find help with common problems. From Internet Light Flashings to Dropped calls or poor voice quality you will learn additional steps that you can take to help get your device up and running. You may also get advanced help for firewall and routers to confirm that your device settings are provisioned correctly.


Please review all steps and proceed with troubleshooting and let us know how this works for you! 


Thank you.


Lynn, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

@stx4by4 Outside a doing a hard reset, there's not much that can be done because the GPS coordinates that are being sent to AT&T from your location are not matching up with what is in locational database. The GPS coordinates need to match with the physical address for E911 and timing signals to the tower. The GPS light will flash during the GPS check phase and then turn solid once the check is completed. However, that does not mean that location was verified. No location verification, no service.

There is still a huge disconnect in AT&T concerning the Cell Booster, IT, and Engineering. It could be that the locational database needs to be updated or settings were lost or corrupted during the servers migration/update from the old MicroCell service to the new Cell Booster service.

I would not recommend de-activating/re-activating at this time because on a good day, it can take up to a day for the request to make it thru the system. And given the status of the system now, if you do that a couple of times you will end up with multiple requests for the same account floating around the system which may result in confusing an already  confused system.

You'll just have to hang in there until the kinks get worked out. Stay tuned. I'm also going to move this to the MicroCell Forum where it really belongs. The forum will be renamed in a few week to 4G Cell Booster or something like that and it would be best to keep all femtocell-related posts in one location.

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