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What is happening with 3G?
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Monday, October 20th, 2014 2:39 AM

HELP - 3G Microcell not working after previously working fine for years

Wondering if there have been issues with Comcast and the 3G Microcell over the past week... My MCell has been working flawlessly for several years and then last week the bottom green light started flashing and stopped allowing our cell phones to connect... I've unplugged, re-plugged, re-set, called AT&T, replaced the network cable and just now have read 2 other posts on this forum with similar issues:


Posted Sep 29, 2014  11:32:08 AM
Microcell not activating after previously working




Posted May 14, 2014  1:06:02 AM
HELP - 3G light is flashing, microcell was previously working fine




Didn't see any final resolutions.

Any help would be appreciated.



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9 years ago

Have there been any updates to your system? For example a firmware push by Comcast, etc? I assume the MicroCell has been in the same position as it has always been and hasn't been moved. Does the ac adapter feel hotter than it should? Subjective I know but it should be just slightly warm to the touch. It's possible that after working for "several years", the unit is starting to fail. I had an old DPH-131 that worked fine for years without any issues but each unit will have a different life expectancy.

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