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Saturday, March 24th, 2018 8:36 PM

DPH-153 installed inline limits speed?

Hello, I have white DPH-153 AT&T Microcell. I chose to install it between my cable modem and my wireless router so I don't have to worry about opening ports. My current internet speed is only 15Mb down and 1Mb up so no issue with speed. I will be upgrading my speed in the future to 150Mb down. Will the DPH-153 Microcell be a bottleneck if I keep it inline between my cable modem and WiFi router?  Thank you, John

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6 years ago

First, not the ideal arrangement, but it will do.  The microcell would be best connected to your router.  Your microcell is only providing 3g talk and text.  @OttoPylot would know more about set up issues.

BTW you may not need it.  ATT has discontinued the microcell in favor of Wifi calling.  It’s likely your phones are capable of Wifi calling but the feature may not be turned on.  


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6 years ago

@jgkurz - the MicroCell, at best, can only download 3.0Mbs to 5.0Mbps. It is not meant to be a pass thru (as the original DPH-153 was designed with the "computer port"). In fact, Cisco did away with the Computer port and the external antenna port on the last iteration, the black DPH-154, because there were so many issues with the computer port and the external antenna was not needed with the newer radios (in theory).


If you need to use the older, white MicroCell, then connect it directly to the router, without any switches, and ensure that the minimum router settings are still being met. As @lizdance40 mentioned above, the MicroCel has been discontinued as of the end of 2017. What is recommend now, by us and AT&T, is WiFi-C (WiFi Calling) if your phone is capable. AT&T will eventually disable the service altogether so you need to plan ahead. The only alternatives available to you, besides WiFi-C, are a cellular booster or to switch carriers.



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6 years ago

Using the "Computer" port on the Mcell will reduce the speed of every component of your home network that is connected to it as Otto indicated.  I've tested this in the past so I know it to be true.  WiFi Calling is the way to go, even if you have to upgrade your phones to models that are WiFi-C capable.  

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