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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 9:30 PM

3G Network Light Blinking on Multiple Microcells



I live in an ATT dead zone and have been successfully using a Microcell for nearly five years.  It is the only way we can use our numerous iPhones in our home and its critical for business as both my wife and I work out of our home.  


Last week, the 3G indicator my older model white/orange Cisco Microcell started blinking for no apparent reason whatsoever.  I tried rebooting it, my cable modem (Time Warner), and my Airport Extreme home router several times and nothing worked.  All three other indicators (power, ethernet, GPS) were solid green. I concluded my old Microcell had 'died' and I went to the ATT store for a replacement - where they happily sold me the newer model Microcell for $150 - which is totally jacked up if you think I'm paying money just for the priviledge to use ATT's crap network, but, that's nother issue altogether.  


I successfully activated my newer model Microcell, but just like my older model, the newer one had a blinking green 3G light.  After spending about 2 hours in total on the phone with ATT support and multiple reboots/re-activations and diagnostics (network speed, voipqualitytest, etc.), my support rep came to the conclusion that I must have a faulty Microcell and she instructed me to return to my local store and get a replacement.  So I did that late last night. 


This morning I successfully activated my second replacement Microcell, and not to my surprise at all, it also had a flashing green network light.  And just like the previous two Microcells, the power, ethernet, and GPS lights are solid green.  I've re-activated this second Microcell twice, rebooted my TW Modem and Router multiple time, and nothing seems to work.  I've read online about possibly needing to enable 'port forwarding', but, I honestly dont know why I would need to do that if my old Microcell had been working happily for several years without port forwarding.  I've also tried to connect the Microcell directly to the cable model (eliminate the router completely) and I get the exact same result - a blinking green network light.  


At this point I'm beyond frustrated.  I am open to the idea that TW possibly tinkered with something on their end, but, I'm loathe to bring their tech folks into the mix since this is an ATT product I need in order to use ATT services.  


If anyone has any suggestions here, I'm all ears.  Thanks.  

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9 years ago

From your description it does sound like it's an TWC issue. The blinking green 3G light indicates no connection to the AT&T Mobility Servers. It's possible that the original MicroCell could have failed because of the light pattern (solid green power, ethernet, and GPS) but two other, brand new MicroCell's exhibiting the same symptoms is highly suspicious.


Did you receive brand new ac adpaters with the replacement MicroCell's? Sometimes if the ac adapter is starting to go bad that can cause all kinds of weird issues. If you did receive new adapters with the MicroCell's (I'll assume here they were the new black, DPH-154 models) then that rules out the adapter. I would not use the ac adapter that came with the white models with the new black models. The power requirements are a bit different.


Has TWC sent any updates to the modem and/or router that you are aware of?


Have you tried a hard reset of the MicroCell?


Port forwarding should not be necessary, especially if it worked well for  years but I find that it does make for a more stable connection. I port forward.


The fact that you were able to register the replacement MicorCells means that you did establish a connection with the mobility servers but then lost it. That is most strange. It's also possible that there is an outage or an issue with your MicroCell Service Area. Unfortunately that type of information phone support usually has no knowledge of.


I would send a pm to CustomerCare (link in my sig) stating your issue, what you have been done or told to do to correct it, your account information, the best way for them to contact you and your location. I'll follow-up on my end if you want.

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