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What is happening with 3G?
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Friday, July 11th, 2014 6:37 PM

3G Microcell Activation

So it's looking like it's impossible to register a 3G Microcell using a prepaid/gophone account.


Even though this page says you can.




AT&T 3G MicroCell Registration Process


Register AT&T 3G MicroCell

To use the AT&T MicroCell, you will need:

  • AT&T postpaid voice plan or prepaid service using a 3G or 4G wireless device.


Did I really waste 300 bucks? I have U-Verse, DSL, and a Business UVerse account with AT&T and I can't get this activated?



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5 years ago

@brasscupcakes - you're responding to a post that is almost 4 years old and a closed subject.

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5 years ago

@brasscupcakes wrote:

Excuse me,I know this is an old thread but your remark indicating prepaid customers don^t pay their bills is mean-spirited and untrue at least as far as ATt goes.  

That is NOT what was written at all. Prepaid do not get a bill, they get a refill notice only.  

There is no monthly charge for the microcell, never has been.  The person is/was paying $19.95 for an unlimited minutes plan on his very old cell plan.  (If he read the bill, it says exactly what the $19.95 is for.). That poster was incorrect about the charge and why prepaid can’t use an m-cell. (Registration on an account). 


Most regular prepaid customers who require continual service opt for autopay. 

I use one phone on Verizon prepaid because my work requires traveling in areas my At&t family plan isn’t covering.  Prepaid offers more data for less money, nothing wrong with it.  

The comment was not denigrating prepaid users, but simply stating the facts.  



@brasscupcakes wrote:

The original poster was correct ... While other documents cited here were clear about the ATt policy the one he used to make his buying decision flat out falsely stated prepaid devices were included, period. 

Since he didn’t post his source, and it was 5 years ago, we have to take his word for it.   But everything I read on the M-cell was it was strictly for postpaid.  (I bought one 4 years ago).   

It has been possible to add prepaid numbers to registered microcells. 

Since the thread is ancient, and m-cells are discontinued quite a while back, it’s a moot subject.  


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