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Wednesday, February 25th, 2015 1:50 PM

Create a unique PIN

Create a unique keypad pin code for a neighbor, and give them a key, in case they need to enter your home to disarm your Digital Life system.



*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

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8 years ago

Step 1: Log into your Digital Life Account from any computer or tablet. Digital Life mobile steps will differ slightly.

Step 2: Select what will happen
  1. Select Programs and + New Program
  2. Click Get Started (Click to hide and bypass this screen in the future.)

  3. Select the first thing that will happen when this program runs

  • Select Notification
  • Select where to send notifications

  4. Click Next and Next again 


Step 3: Program Triggers
  1. Select Automatically, based on rules      
  2. Click Device Trigger

  3. Select Digital Life System is set to disarmed off

  4. Click Save


Step 4: Name and Save your program
  1. Click Next

  2. Select the days and times the program should run (defaults to run every day all day)

  3. Click Next

  4. Name your program
  5. Click Save



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6 years ago

This post question was (In big colorful letters) "

Create a unique PIN

Create a unique keypad pin code for a neighbor, and give them a key, in case they need to enter your home to disarm your Digital Life system.


You list that your employee response solves the problem. I tried it twice, then realized that your solution has nothing to do with guest pins. You give instructions on how to get notifications if specific events occur. There is no portion of your instructions that mentions PINS or guests, or anything that even touches on them.


It's really hard to believe that this post has been up over 2 years. How many clueless people, like myself have spent their time foolishly by not seeing that it is a non-responsive solution, and proceeding to try to make something work that could never work.


This is an important topic and AT&T makes finding a solution almost impossible. By searching in several different manners, I found two more solutions to the problem. One says you have to use your phone to create the PIN and the other says you have to use your computer or tablet. Neither solution provides a pathway that is accessible using a computer or phone. AT&T has changed their terminology, menus and technical capabilities of the software since their solutions were written. All over setting a command that could and should easily be done right on the keypad itself. AT&T seems so enamored with the technical potential for their equipment and software, that they make the customer jump through hoop after hoop, eating up hours of time to accomplish what should take no more than 5 minutes....and I still don't know what the real answer is as to how to do the job.

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