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Friday, January 18th, 2019 5:05 PM

Worst customer service ever, I just wanted to pay off my iPhone X and unlock it.



Where do I start? 4 days ago I tried to pay off my iPhone X online, and I was with a rep via chat, first it was "Steve" which transferred me to "Criselle", my card got declined 3 times because it said it was invalid, but it still made me 3 pre-authorizations on my bank account (they returned me the money). Criselle told me:

Criselle : The best option here is I can go ahead and submit a special device unlock case for you so we can have this finalized since there is already a pre authorization charge on your bank and  it will be approved within 24 hours and the excess charge will be removed
Criselle : I will just need to have your device IMEI and your best contact email so we can send you the unlock instructions
Enrique : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Criselle : Thank you.


Criselle : I will be sending you an update with your special unlock request at [redacted]
The following day I received an e-mail:
Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your AT&T Mobile device:
CASE: CM20190114_138907628
IMEI: [redacted]
UNLOCK CODE: No Unlock Code Needed

We have reviewed your request and confirmed that the device may be unlocked. Please follow the unlock instructions below to unlock your device. Please allow 24 hours upon receipt of this notification to complete the unlock process.

1) Using a Non-AT&T SIM Card: 1) Remove your SIM card and insert the new SIM card. 2) Complete the setup process.
2) Using an AT&T SIM Card 1) Back up your iPhone. 2) When you have a backup, erase your iPhone. 3) Restore your iPhone from the backup you just made.

Thank you for your business. For other questions about our AT&T wireless service or other Mobile devices, please visit

AT&T Customer Care Team
And nothing. Today I tried to pay off my phone again, this time, I started with "Steve" who transferred me to "Crisostomo" and Crisostomo was able to charge my card, and pay off my phone, then Crisostomo told me:

Crisostomo : It will take 4-8 hours for your device to unlock

Enrique Gerena : What about the special request that was submitted that I got an e-mail saying it would be unlocked in 24 hours?

Enrique Gerena : I've been told different things...

Crisostomo : I truly apologize Enrique, your phone is still in contract, in which you're ineligible for device unlock

Crisostomo : I can assure you xxx% guarantee that your phone will be unlock on the time frame

Crisostomo : Just let me know if you already submitted the request online, so I can make a follow up on our Device Unlock team

Enrique Gerena : I'm trying won't accept the last name

Crisostomo : I am very sorry for the trouble, may I have your IMEI please

Enrique Gerena : Looks like your IMEI and phone number don't match. Check your info and try again

Enrique Gerena : Oh my God.

Enrique Gerena : IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Crisostomo : I truly sorry, may I have the IMEI please?

Crisostomo : Thank you

Enrique Gerena : I understand it's not your fault and you're doing your best but this process is terrible.

Crisostomo : I am so sorry Sir, I'll make sure that this experience will be forwarded to our management team

Then later on:

Crisostomo : Just to share, making a case will take 4-8 hours also for the device unlock depending on the back office team


Crisostomo : Here's the case ID for the request I made for your Device Unlock Request CM20190118_xxxxxxxxx

Crisostomo : In this way, you just need to wait for the confirmation for the device unlock

Crisostomo : I'll also create a personal follow up to check your request from now on, and the next 8 hours, to ensure that the device will be unlock

Enrique Gerena : Please do.

Crisostomo : Just done with the personal reminder on my station

Crisostomo : Alright! Were now all set Enrique! No need to worry on unlocking your device since it will be taken care off within the next 4-8 hours

Then I called to follow up because I couldn't see status online, and then I talked to "Joshua" who told me:
Joshua : As I checked here,since the request was created by the representative.You can always contact us for the update of the request and the expected resolution date is Evening (EST) of January 21, xxxx.
I was furious and told him everything I went thru, and he said he was talking to his manager and then disconnected me.
Tried again, this time talked to "Gwendolyn" who then transferred me to "Mary-Supervisor", this time was the worst, basically they admitted on how they lied to my face and that I had to deal with it, no further help, nothing for my lost time, after I was lied that there was a special request to unlock it and then lied again that after paying off my device it would get unlocked in 4-8 hours, this is unnaceptable and AT&T just doesn't care, I have all the chat transcripts, and if I don't get what was promised I will call my bank and stop the charge since I was lied to, I had an appointment to switch carriers today but now I can't, because after I paid, things changed from 4-8 hours to 3 days.
Is there anyone that works on AT&T in here that cares at all that could help me or something?
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