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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 8:26 PM

WiFi password not recognized by iphone

Help! I recently bought a used iPhone. When I try to tap into my personal WiFi it does not recognize the password. All my other devices do. What could be causing this? The Android I had previously had no problem with it.

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5 years ago

Hi, @OldMadge,


Let's see if we can help your iPhone connect to your home WiFi. The first thing to try is to go into Settings>WiFi and find the network name you've tried unsuccessfully to join. Tap the info button for the network and then Forget This Network. Go ahead and try to connect to that network fresh. If that doesn't help, you'll want to see if the iPhone won't connect to any WiFi network or just yours. Try to connect at a library or some place that provides free WiFi. If it doesn't connect, you'll want to check your settings and make sure WiFi is enabled. If you can't find it, please let us know which iPhone you have so we can help find that. If it does connect to the other WiFi network, sign into your router and change the password.


Let us know if any of this helps.


James, AT&T Community Specialist

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