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Monday, March 20th, 2017 5:07 PM

Unlocking an iPhone on grandfathered data plan early due to price increase.

I was able to "manually" request a device unlock as a current customer by calling in today. I called 611, requested help unlocking my device and then went through the website process of requesting an unlock with a service rep on the line, and then after it was denied, the service rep was able to open up a "request ticket" to put in a manual unlock request for my device. They needed my iphone's IMEI number (find it under settings: general: about) and at the end of our call provided me with an unlock request number.

The rep will likely first explain to you that you're under contract and can't unlock your phone yet, but the magic words were something like, "I'm eligible to leave my contract early without Early Termination Fees due to the price increase on my unlimited data plan which give me 60 days from the price increase to leave. I'm calling to exercise that option and unlock my device." 


I'm curious to hear about other people's experience. I'm waiting 48 hours for the unlock request to be completed and I'll update you all when/if that happens!

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7 years ago

Nice try, but backwards.  

1.  You are eligible to cancel your service without ETF due to the increase posted on your bill.

2.  Until you cancel, your ETF is not generated, so it can't be waived.  

3.  Once canceled and ETF waived you must pay your final bill to complete all financial obligations to ATT 

4.  Only then can you unlock your phone.  Because this means your phone is unable to work on another carrier yet, we recommend you port to Cricket for a month so you can use and unlock your phone.  Then you can move on to another carrier.


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