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Sat, May 4, 2019 10:53 AM

Unlock IPhone

Good morning, so I’ve been trying to unlock my device, I was told I needed to fill out the form so I did. After that they instructed me to check my email to confirm and I did that as well. Before I fell asleep I checked my email because I’m suppose to for a response and I received one that says we couldn’t because you didn’t confirm.... but I DID I HAVE THE PROOF (thanks for screenshots) I just want my phone unlocked, I’ve paid it off... I want and need my phone! Please help me I don’t want to wait another couple days it’s already been like 4/5 days since I’ve bought the phone from a friend... 




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a year ago

I would want to warn every reader or person trying to unlock their iPhones. AT&T are not fixing the issue, this issue been going on Since last Friday (8 days now)


If you keep resubmitting your IMEI 4 times, it will get marked as fraud for good, than once AT&T will some day fix the issue, iPhone will not be able to be unlocked.


I had this happen to me already. I was confirming the email link 3 times, each time it got denied that i have not confirmed the email link, 4th time resubmitting IMEI it is now fraud Smiley Sad

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