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Mon, May 11, 2020 11:33 PM

unlock iphone for temporary overseas use

Hi, I am on AT&T plan with about 22 months left on the phone payment

I have come to Korea for summer and do not want to roam because of the costs. Instead I have got a cheap local carrier plan which I plan to use for only 3 months (no strings attached). I put the activated USIM card but it seems my iPhone XR is locked and can not proceed.

1) Does AT&T offer a short-term unlocking for cases like mine? I fully intend to go back to AT&T when back in US.

2) If not, can I unlock by paying off the remaining balance of the phone payment? (Is it simply the monthly cost [$20] x remaining months [22] ?)

3) How can I unlock from Korea? Over the internet or on the phone?

4) Anyone know if South Korean carrier LGU+ is compatible or not with AT&T iPhone XR?

Thank you!

Amanda and James


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2 y ago

1) AT&T cannot offer short term unlocking. Once a phone is unlocked, it is unlocked forever.

2) Yes, you can unlock by paying off ahead of time, but it usually takes a billing cycle once paid off before the system recognizes the payoff.

3) Unlock can only be done through the unlock portal - www.att.com/deviceunlock

4) Don't know fopr sure but it should be


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