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Sunday, August 16th, 2020 1:40 AM

Transferring Phone Number to a New Unactivated Phone

I bought a new phone to replace my unusable broken one. To activate this phone, I need to transfer my phone number, however I cannot transfer the phone number from my old phone to this new one without activating it... so I'm stuck in a bit of a paradox... I'm not sure what to do. How do I transfer my old Phone number, still on my at&t account, to this New phone to activate it / add it to my devices on my plan?


This new device has a new sim card and the old one's sim card is unreachable.

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3 years ago

You need to get a SIM card with the phone number you want on it and put it in the new phone.  If you can’t get your old SIM card and the new SIM card doesn’t have the correct number, you’ll have to get a replacement card.



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3 years ago

Why is the old sim card unreachable?  Do you know how to access sim slot?  
Make and model of old phone ?


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