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Sunday, January 16th, 2022 8:13 AM

Transfer Upgrade Eligibility but I still have installments left

I have an iPhone 12 Pro and still have installments left on my plan. My husband has an iPhone XS and is upgrade eligible. I want the iPhone 13 Pro, so I upgraded my husbands line and got the iPhone 13 Pro.  He is okay with switching phones so that I can use the iPhone 13 Pro and he will use the iPhone 12 Pro.  The new iPhone 13 Pro came with a new SIM card. How do we switch phones? i.e. do I turn on the new iPhone 13 Pro and put in the new SIM card - but would this be tied to his phone number and would make his phone obsolete? Do I need to call AT&T to reassign SIM cards to the correct phone number? Please help!

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2 years ago

Yes, activate the new phone with the new SIM card. It will have his number. Once activated, move that SIM card to the 12 and move your SIM card to the 13.

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2 years ago

This. ⬆️

The upgrade for the to the iPhone 13 will appear on your husband's lined and will stay on his line for the duration of the loan

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