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Fri, Jul 28, 2017 6:08 PM

Stuck on Apple logo

Hi! My son's iPhone 7 overheated while we were on the beach. It fully charged overnight, but when he tried using it the next day it got stuck on the Apple logo screen. HELP 😫


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3 years ago

Greetings @Carold72!


I can definitely understand the feelings associated with not being able to get into your son’s iPhone, and we are definitely here to assist you.


There are a couple of different options we can use to troubleshoot the iPhone and get to the root cause of the issue. Please check out our Troubleshoot and Resolve Tool. This is very handy for identifying a multitude of issues with any devices supported by AT&T.  Once you reach the page, please sign into your myAT&T account for the most personalized experience.


Also if you visit Device Support Center, we have walk-through guides on how to correct issues and manage settings on devices. Another great option is Apple as they have great technical articles for the issues which have come up with their phones over time.


Thank you for reaching out and have a wonderful rest of your evening!


Zack, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 years ago

CAROLOD72, I have had that happen on my apple iPhone 6 plus. How i solved the problem might work for you too.  Here is what I did:

Hold down BOTH the "Home button" AND the "on/off button " at the SAME EXACT TIME. Keep holding them down. It might take like up to 5 minutes, but just keep holding both buttons down at the same time. 
Pretty soon, your phone will re-boot, then u can release BOTH buttons. The phone may ask you to plug in to your iTunes acct to re-set the phone either to Factory reset, or to your Last back-up. Pick which one you want, but if you pick Factory reset, I believe you will lose all your apps and data, music etc . . . If you pick the reset to the Last Backup, all your files, data, music, apps etc, will be restored to what you had on THAT last back up. From there, it will guide you, and any apps u have purchased (after the last backup) of course, you can just re-download for free. 
   If this doesnt help, then I would take the phone to the nearest Apple Store ( not like a BestBuy, but an actual Apple Store). You have a 1 year warranty on the phone ( the iPhone 7 has not been out too long, so it should be free for them to do all this, ask to be sure, or be VERY perturbed and they will usually do it for free even if it is out of its warranty just so you don't freak out other potential customers) and the Apple Store will either give you a new phone, even set it up for you, or they will remedy your Apple Logo recycling problem. But just check the phone several times before you leave the Apple Store, unless you live close by, so u wont have to turn around and drive back if there continues to be a problem. I had to take one of my iPhones back to an Apple Store before, and they were very helpful. It is really your best bet if you dont want to bother tinkering to get it to work properly. 
I hope this helped you, or at least was entertaining.



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2 years ago

 According to me, Factory data reset is the best way to solve iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem. Although you can try any third party software like  "Tenorshare Reiboot" OR Try out these solutions to fix this annoying problem.

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2 months ago

Connect iPhone to iTunes, if iTunes can detect iPhone, from the pop window, click on Update to update iOS system to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, if doesn't work, click on Restore to restore but will erase all data on iPhone, Eelphone iOS System Repair can fix iPhone stuck on Apple Logo without losing data with clicks, you can have a try.





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Joined up to necropost in years old threads to push some paid software, that may or may not actually resolve the specific problem? Love how your posting software automatically copies the thread title into it.

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