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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 1:29 PM

Request for carrier visibility / carrier reveal on iPad

Request for carrier visibility / carrier reveal on iPad


- I’d like to submit a request for carrier visibility so I can view and select another cellular provider on my iPad Pro 6th Generation 12.9. Right now the only option available is AT&T.

- This is not the same as device unlocking.  The iPad is already unlocked.
- I recently ported away from AT&T and it is still stuck with a carrier eSim lock for AT&T

- On 1/23, I called at&t at 800-331-0500, asked for advanced tech support and they submitted this request for me, calling it a “ticket for the team to make a change on the backend.”  They asked for my name, phone number and the device IMEI (I can provide all of these again in a private message). I was given a ticket # but want to make sure this was done correctly and see if any further assistance can be done to expedite this issue?

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