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Monday, July 22nd, 2019 1:47 AM

Request for carrier visibility / carrier reveal on iPad

- I’d like to submit a request for carrier visibility so I can view and select another cellular provider on my iPad Pro 2nd generation 10.5”. Right now the only option available is AT&T.

This is not the same as device unlocking.  The iPad is already unlocked.
- I do not have an account with AT&T and was told this was not required.

- On 7/14/19 at 11 am mountain daylight time I called at&t at 800-331-0500, asked for tech support and they submitted this request for me, calling it a “ticket for the team to make a change on the backend.”  They asked for my name, phone number and the device IMEI (I can provide all of these again in a private message). I was not given a ticket reference number but they said someone would contact me within 3 business days. No one has contacted me so far so I’m reaching out to you.
- Here is a similar request that you assisted with in this forum:


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4 years ago

Hello @Sdunk1,


We'd be more than happy to take a closer look into your options for this carrier visibility request. We'll be sending you a private message to request more information shortly.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist



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4 years ago

In case it is helpful for someone else making this same request, after several private messages @ATTHelp believed the iPad was locked to their network and recommended I submit an unlock request. I found that after turning off WiFi and inserting a T-Mobile sim, it connected immediately with no errors. Thus it is not locked to my understanding.  Still hoping for help with my original request. 

ACE - Sage


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4 years ago

The sim drawer isn’t locked.  The eSim is, and At&t has not disclosed any way to unlock it.  




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4 years ago

Hi @lizdance40

That's a misconception that I had as well. There are other posts that disagree with this truly being locked rather the other carriers are just hidden from view:



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4 years ago

@Sdunk1 wrote:

Hi @lizdance40

That's a misconception that I had as well. There are other posts that disagree with this truly being locked rather the other carriers are just hidden from view:




I have a ATT ipad pro 12.9 3rd gen and ATT is no longer locking the esim at least on the this one its not.



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4 years ago

This was a success! I can confirm, after the customer service representative searched their database for “carrier visibility” and followed the instructions, creating a ticket with the “back office” the full list of carriers available on the Apple sim showed up almost immediately. 

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3 months ago

I have a M1 iPad Pro 2TB stuck on AT&T eSIM, I cannot use Verizon nor T-Mobile/Sprint with this iPad.  These carriers say it looks good from their end.

@ATTHelp  Please DM me

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2 months ago

I addressed the same problem to att here's what they sent


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2 months ago

@Ipadpro  As mention in this thread, and in the other thread you started, you have to specifically request carrier visibility or carrier reveal for an iPad.  It’s not the same thing exactly as unlocking.  The email you got from AT&T isn’t technically incorrect because the iPad isn’t locked as such.  They just don’t understand what you’re asking.  You have to use the words carrier visibility or carrier reveal to get to the right person who will fix this.  If you just mention unlocking, the average CS rep will fail open and tell you it’s not locked.

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2 months ago


[Bella] : Hi! My name is Bella. I'm happy to help! Let's get started.

[Me] : I need to reveal the visibility of the carrier

[Me] : What information is needed from me?

[Bella] : To confirm, are you trying to use any NON ATT SIM card?

[Me] : I try to connect the esim of another provider - it does not work

[Bella] : Got it.

[Bella] : Thanks for the info! I understand that you are hoping to unlock your device. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and I can absolutely help you with that today.

[Bella] : May I have your account number or the phone number associated with the AT&T account?

[Me] : I don't have an account

[Me] : I didn't have to use your services

[Bella] : May I know where did you purchase the device?

[Me] : Yes, it was given to me at the event new and sealed

[Bella] : Okay.

[Me] : Is this important information?

[Bella] : Can you please help me with IMEI of the device which you are referring to unlock. You can locate IMEI under settings>>general>>about.

[Me] : 1 min

[Me] : 35 26

[Me] : Tae still have csn eid seid numbers they need

[Me] : There are still csn eid seid numbers they need

[Me] : ?

[Bella] : I'm checking on it.

[Me] : Ok

[Bella] : Thanks for waiting.

[Me] : Please me?

[Bella] : In this case you can submit unlock request online, so that our team will unlock the device within 24-36 hours.

[Me] : How to send?

[Me] : Through you I can do

[Bella] : You must submit an unlock request at

[Bella] : Please select as NON ATT customer.

[Me] : I tried through this form, it doesn't see my imei

[Me] : Or have you fixed this situation?

[Me] : Looks like the IMEl number you entered doesn't match an AT&T device. Try entering it again. Dial *#06# on your mobile phone to make sure you have the right IMEI.

[Me] : That 's what I gave out earlier

[Bella] : Please select as NON ATT customer and submit device.

[Me] : Further actions?

[Bella] : A

[Bella] : All you need to do is submit req online.

[Me] : Yes, I understand, I go in and choose the submission form without a hole, he asks to keep the imei right?

[Bella] : Yes.

[Me] : How does it not match? I copy it from the ipad settings

[Me] : I sent you my imei, did you look at the information on it?

[Bella] : Yes, please try to enter IMEI 2

[Me] : You didn't understand me I don't have an iPhone I have an ipad I don't have another imei in my settings

[Me] : Ipad pro 12.9 5 generation 

[Bella] : Not to worry, In this case I suggest you reach our dedicated team via call, so that they will unlock the device for you,.

[Bella] : Please reach us at 800-331-0500.

[Me] : Tell me do you see information on my device that it is linked to your carrier in my case

[Me] : That is blocked by you?

[Bella] : No, there is no in the carrier.

[Bella] : So that is the reason I said you to submit as NON ATT.

[Me] : So I followed your instructions, it doesn't help

[Bella] : Yes, I suggest to cdall our dedicated team.

[Bella] : Is there anything else I can help you with?

So I followed your instructions, it doesn't help

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