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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 6:09 PM

office of president - Issued not resolved for months, promised follow up by support, never get follow up

Where to begin....

I had purchased an Iphone7 on your website my mother, who is on my plan.  We received the phone April 4th in the mail, could not get it activated, my mother changed her mine and did not want the phone anymore due to the hassle of trying to activate.

I chatted in with your support, they advised me I could return the phone in a store.  I attempted to take the phone into the store at 75 Damonte Ranch Pkwy, Reno, NV 89521 in April.  The lady who assisted me, had me wait about 30 minutes while she worked to return the device only to come back and tell me due to system issues, they could not do it and to come back another day.  Due to COVID and work I was not able to return until a few days later as which time another service rep, a man, told me he would not be able to return the phone as I did not buy it from their store and to return the phone via the mail.  

I returned the phone via the box it was shipped in. 

I never received a refund so I chatted into support for help on 6/10/20 and poke with "Sam."

Sam advised to me the following:  "It was sent via USPS on May 22, xxxx. USPS takes 14 business days to return it to AT&T. So you will get the eligible credits after 3-4 business days."

I asked to confirm that Sam did indeed show the return was received by AT&T.  Sam replied "Yes."

And confirmed that my charges for this phone I returned would be stopped from my next bill and that no further action was needed from me.

This of course never happened.  So I had to chat back in and on 6/29/20 I chatted in with "Kevin"

Kevin then said that no the phone has not been received and that it is still with USPS.  Then Kevin got his supervisor on the chat, Benjamin, who explained that he would escalate this issue and get approve for the return credit immediately.  He said he would call me back.  This also never happened.

On 9/3/20 I called support since chat was failing miserably.  I spoke with "Andy" in Orlando.  Andy said he also showed that phone HAD been received back to AT&T conflicting with the previous support again.  

Andy again gave me all the reassurances that he indeed would follow up with me on this issue and needed to talk with his supervisor.  Again no one called me back.  

On 9/10/20 I chatted in with "Rasheed" who also reassured me he would escalated and follow up with me even stating he created some case, "CM20200910_xxxxxxxxx."  Again no response.

Also to note, every agent would explain to me they saw no notes from the previous agent.  How is this even possible?  No one was bothering to notate my account this whole time?  

I have all chat transcripts to provide as evidence to this horrible experience and can provide on demand.    

I am beyond frustrated with your company at this point.  I've been a customer for over 10 years now and the fact that I have to spend hours trying to get through to support, explain the issues, get false reassurances, is beyond belief.

I demand someone from AT&T corporate own this issue otherwise I have no choice but to share my awful experience on any social media platform I can as I am not sure how else to get your attention to do the right thing.  I am still to this day paying for a phone your company confirmed they have received back in their possession.  

I also believe I should be compensated from you for this lack of service and the hours I have had to spend trying to get this resolved form incompetent support.

Is there no support from an actual AT&T employee to manage when these escalation paths are failing?  Obviously your vendor support is not able to manage the issue.





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2 months ago

You should remove your name and phone number from the post.  No one from AT&T is going to call you based on a demand in a forum post because that’s not how this works.  Recommend you file a BBB and FCC complaint.

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