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What is happening with 3G?
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Tue, Aug 16, 2016 5:11 AM

Numbersync stopped working today

i read a post on another forum where someone stated that Numbersync stopped working on his Mac and iPad today and asked how to fix it.   I someone responded that rebooting usually fixes it and if not that toggling it off and on does.  He responded it still didn't work.


i tested my own iPad and Numbersync isn't working for me either.  I last used it this past Friday (3 days ago) and it worked.  I tried the same things: rebooting and toggling Wifi calling off and on and still it doesn't work.  I can see my iPad making a connection to AT&T's servers on port 5061 (either an IPv6 starting with 2001:1890 or IPv4 address starting with 12.194) which remains connected for a little while before dropping. 


Since it's affecting multiple people it seems to be something on AT&T's side.


Wifi calling on my iPhone works, but not Numbersync calling. 


Any ideas on getting Numbersync working again?



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5 y ago

I have an Android based system with similar intermittent issues; Samsung S6 Edge with LG G Pad X.  If I turn off the tablet WiFi, NumberSync is restored.  With the tablet WiFi on, the system will log me out from NumberSync. Tablet WiFi off, the system will log me into NumberSync and it works. Try turning off tablet WiFi and see if this works for you. 

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