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What is happening with 3G?
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Sun, Mar 25, 2018 2:29 AM

not unlocking my iphone 6 - being put through the wringer.

I purchased an iPhone 6 from Apple several years ago and then when the phone began having issues, i was issued a refurbished replacement (also through Apple). The phone was always serviced through ATT. I recently upgraded to an iphone 8 plus and wanted to sell my old phone to someone using a different carrier. I sold the phone, only to receive a call that it wasn't unlocked when they went to try and activate it. I called ATT who told me their website, particularly the unlock device portal, was experiencing issues, and to go into the ATT store where they could do it for me. I went to the ATT store, and I was given a lengthy explanation as to why they could not unlock my phone because it was refurbished and purchased through Apple (???). I was told Apple were the only ones who could unlock it, and that was that. It sounded odd, but I took the rep at his word and made the drive to the Apple store only to be told from Apple that no, they could not unlock the phone, and that ATT was responsible for doing so. Absolutely ridiculous. I called ATT customer support and was told, once again, that I needed to go into an ATT "corporate" store, and that ATT was, in fact, the ones who should be unlocking the phone. The woman I spoke with told me to google corporate locations and then we hung up. Sure enough, the ATT store I had previously visited WAS a corporate store, and I'm left feeling as if no one has any idea what they're talking about. Can someone please help me? I'm annoyed and feel badly for the party waiting to receive the phone. 


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4 y ago

Hello @apeach125,

It definitely can be a hassle at times to unlock a device, especially if it came directly from the manufacture.  I apologize for any running around which has taken place.  This isn’t our intention and would love to help you out!

Due to the nature of your situation, I will be sending you a Private Message to gather further details.  Please look for this message in your Forum’s inbox. 


Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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