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Tue, May 7, 2019 11:40 PM

No unlock email... said I didn't confirm when I did

Help! I'm trying to unlock my iPhone 6s Plus, and I recently submitted an unlock request 2 days ago. I received and confirmed the email, but today when I checked the status of the request, it said it expired because I never confirmed. So, I resubmitted another request today, but now I haven't received an email and it's been an hour!!!




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a year ago

I had the same issue, I tried 3 times to unlock it, and the second 2 times I am 100% sure I confirmed it because I was extra careful to make sure there was nothing else on the page I needed to press on to confirm it, but I still got the email saying I failed to confirm it.


Now I'm trying for a 4th time but this time I didn't even get the email with the confirm link so I cant confirm it this time but I did the other times.

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