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Fri, Sep 20, 2019 10:18 PM

No one at AT&T knows what is going on?! Horrific Communication!

I am one of the unlucky ones with my new phone stuck in "Preparing to ship" status.  I like most of you have called and had chats all day with each AT&T rep telling me something different here are a few of the explanations: 


1)  It's still going to be there, just wait.

2)  Phones will ship out today at 3pm today and arrive on Saturday.

3)  Again phone will be there today be patient, I can see where it shipped

4)  The phones are on back order and won't arrive until after Sept 24th.


My problem isn't that it's delayed, so much as, no one at AT&T can communicate with it's customers and tell us what the issue is. Every chat you start you'll get a different answer and I'm 100% positive that as a company they know why so many customers orders where not fulfilled.  It is a very bad business decision to leave paying customers in the dark about their purchase.  If for nothing else to reduce the calls and chats to the support staff.  Instead, AT&T just left it's paying customers to wonder what happened?  Do we stay around the house tomorrow and to see if its delivered?   Do we know it won't be until after the 24th?  Are the phones are back order?  Did the phones ship out at 3pm?  Are the phones on a delivery truck as we speak?  I mean honestly no one knows, we are all left in the dark until, who knows??? Am I over reacting, I'm not sure but I know I'm not happy!   Thanks AT&T!


So let me know what you have heard from AT&T.



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Wow!  Your experience is an exact duplicate of mine.  When I posted to the forum with a nearly identical message, it was repeatedly deleted. 


The last phone rep that said they would be arriving on the 24th said that *all* pro max 256 were coming in on that date, and that is how the arrival schedule has always been.  I told her that people on the AT&T forum were posting screenshots that show that the 256 PM was actually out for delivery, she started talking over me and told me that I was rude to her.


Man, after this horrendous experience, other carriers are looking mighty attractive, even if they are more expensive.  


I wonder how how long before this post is m0ber8ed.

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