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What is happening with 3G?

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Thu, Nov 12, 2020 2:01 AM

Need help with Carrier Visibility unlock for Apple eSIM on iPad Pro

• I’d like to re-submit a request for Carrier Visibility so I can view and select another cellular provider on my 2018 iPad Pro 11”. Right now the only option available is AT&T. The prior request did not work

• This is not the same as device unlocking. The standard SIM is already unlocked, this is for the Apple eSIM.

• I called AT&T at 800-331-0500, asked for tech support and they submitted this request for me, calling it a “ticket for the team to make a change on the backend.”  They asked for my name, phone number and the device IMEI (I can provide all of these again in a private message). I also have a ticket reference number which I can provide.

• I have tried calling support again and keep getting bounced around, even after telling the representative to look up Carrier Visibility in their Knowledge Base.

• I do not have an account with AT&T and was told this was not required. Every time I call, they ask for a account number or phone number. Since I do not have either of these, I get put into the super long holding queue. I am tired of waiting on the phone for hours.

Can a AT&T Representative please help me out here?! - Please send me a private message!

Thank you.


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1 y ago

This is not an official AT&T Support forum. It is for customers helping customers only. AT&T Support does not read nor respond to posts here so there is very little we can do.

Have you contacted Apple?

Where did you get your iPad Pro? If you don't have an AT&T account I'm not sure what you can do. Did you purchase the iPad Pro from a third party?

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1 y ago

When all else fails file an FCC complaints. You can do so online for free. AT&T will be required to respond to you within 30 days

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1 y ago

Thank you for the note @OttoPylot 

I saw similar postings on this forum where a AT&T representative did step in a provide support for this exact issue. Please see these posts:

I have contacted Apple and they were able to confirm that the Apple eSIM inside the iPad is locked to AT&T and I need the support of AT&T to get it unlocked using Carrier Visibility / Reveal. 

Yes I did purchase the iPad from a third party, from my understanding the data account previously tied to the iPad was paid in full and canceled.

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